Hi, I'm Michael - the crafter behind Uncharted Leather!

I am a photographer with an interest in product photography, adventure, and leather goods. Uncharted Leather came out of my desire to create with my hands rather than software.

I believe there is something primordial inside our DNA: a desire for adventure and creation, and each day we move further and further away from it making us more disconnected from our true nature.  

Through my leather goods, I hope to inspire YOU to go out and explore, create and inspire others to do the same. 

Uncharted Leather

Uncharted Leather celebrates the men and women who devoted their lives to adventure and exploration; the ones who ventured into the unknown for the progression of humankind.

Our Leather

We use only high-quality top-grain veg-tanned leather for our leather goods. We have a limited amount of leather from Metropolitan leather which we are using at the moment . The leather is going to last generations.

The Thread

A stitch to last a lifetime, we use Vinymo MBT Polyester Thread for all of our leather goods. We are so confident in our thread, we offer a lifetime guarantee on our stitches.

Crafted in Denmark

When you are purchasing from Uncharted Leather, not only you are supporting me and my family, but you are also supporting other family businesses and their employees. We source most of our prime material from Europe.

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