Uncharted Lost Scribe Moleskine / Field Notes leather cover – Burnt Tan


The Lost Scribe is a minimalist moleskine/field notes leather cover meant to add protection and luxury to your pocket journals.

Fully hand made out of lyveden vegetable tanned leather, the Uncharted Scribe journal cover has an authentic adventurer aesthetic to it, but the lack of extra pockets and gimmicks makes it elegant and minimalist. Sewn with VYNIMO MBT thread, this will outlast all your notebooks, helping you preserve ideas, memories and adventures for generations to come.

This heirloom quality journal cover can be used with any 14 x 9 cm journals, be it moleskine cashier journals or field notes, or other third party options available to you.


– Hand made, hand sawn and burnished

– Made of high quality vegtan full grain leather ( Lyveden )

– Fits most 14 x 9 journals

– Matches my wallets in design and colour for a colour coordinated every day carry

– Will last generations, protecting your memories in style

Dear non DK customers, please keep in mind you might incur extra import charges / VAT charges payable when you are going to receive your parcel.

Please keep in mind, this product is made from vegetable tanned leather. If this is your first time purchasing a high quality veg tanned wallet, a few things to keep in mind would be:

  1. The wallet might feel stiff at first (you might find yourself struggling to insert cards). However, in a few days / weeks of carrying, you will see the wallet softens and the leather becomes soft and wonderful to the touch. This process is called BREAKING IN THE WALLET. This process is something every leather item goes through. After the wallet breaks in, the cards will slide in and out with ease, and it will be a joy to handle.
  2. The nature of the vegetable tanned leather makes the leather stretchy with time, but be careful ! The leather will NOT come back to it’s original tightness. Meaning, if you stuff 3 cards in one pocket, if 1 month later you would like to use that pocket for only 1 card, the pocket WILL BE TOO LARGE. Please do not overstuff the wallet; think how you will use it, as it’s going to mould itself to your needs.
  3. You will find your wallet is not a perfect, uniform colour as you would find with fake leather wallets. There are many factors that alter the colour of the wallet: the colour of the leather before dying, the amount of dye used and how well it got absorbed, the amount and how well the oils got absorb by the leather, and so on. You might also find scratches and spots on your leather. As much as we try to cut around these, they are part of the story of the animal the leather came from: bug bites, spots from fights with other animals, from scratching, and such. If you like your wallets absolutely pristine, this wallet might not be for you.
  4. Vegetable tanned leather has a distinct leather smell you won’t find with fake leather. We use water based glue, so the smell of the wallet should be full leather aroma.
  5. My personal style of products is a mix of rugged, rustic with a modern twist. What does that mean? I try to make modern looking designs, but keep a ruggedness to them by not over-processing the wallet.I don’t make perfect goods, I don’t shy away from small scratches and such. I make generation lasting products. When you are purchasing a wallet form me please make sure you are familiar with my work by checking the product galleries, and our instagram page.
  6. Patina, patina, PATINA !!! Natural vegetable tanned leather is renowned for its unique characteristics, one of them being it patinas with time. What does patina mean, you un-initiated adventurer, might ask? With time, your shinny wallet will start to change: the edges will darken and they will become shiny, it will take the form of your cards, it will take on colours and textures of the items it’s going in contact with.Old wallets tell a story, each scratch, stain or contact leave a mark on them, adding beauty and a unique pattern on them. If you like your wallets pristine as in day 1 , VEGETABLE TANNED WALLETS are NOT the wallet for you. If you have any doubts, please contact us before purchasing!
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